The debate whether it’s best to eat eggs or not has been going on has been going on for years now. Some people think that eggs are not great for our health as they have high cholesterol content, while others say that we should eat lots of eggs on regular basis, because our body needs sufficient amounts of protein every day to stay fit and health. The reality is, eating eggs is highly beneficial if you remove their yolk altogether. The nutrition in egg whites is highly beneficial for our bodies and offers us numerous health benefits. Let’s have a close look at various advantages of eating egg whites.

A healthy person needs about 300mg of cholesterol every day. While a single egg has about 210mg of cholesterol, but its all in its yolk. However, cholesterol level in the egg white is so low that if you are removing yolk and eating egg white alone, you are considerably lowering your risk of hypertension and stroke by a large percentage. Eggs are high in protein, and have about 7g of protein and about 47 percent of it is there in egg white. That means, if you eat only egg white, you are consuming pure protein and no fat, which usually comes from the egg yolk, unless you are frying it in oil or butter. Therefore, egg white is best for you if you want to build muscles and maintain general well being.

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A great thing about egg white is that it is not high in calories, because each egg has about 75 calories, so when you take out yolk, you successfully remove about 60 calories, leaving just 15 calories from the egg white! So next time you are cooking any egg recipe, instead of using whole eggs, you must use only egg whites. This will cut the calorie content to less than half. Egg white is also rich in folate, thiamine, phosphorus, B6, zinc, panthothenic acid, calcium, and B12. You also get full vitamins such as A, E, D and K from the egg whites. Egg whites are low source of fat, whether it’s polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, or saturated. This is the reason why its good for all those who want to have high protein, low fat diet. Egg white also contain essential nutrients such as selenium, calcium, and various amino acids.

Perfect for bodybuilding!

The repair and development of muscles rely heavily on the total amount of protein that is available within the body. Egg whites are best source of protein, and more than 22 types of amino acids that are vital for vital to make complete proteins. That means most of them are absorbed and used by the body at the same time. It also provides nine amino acids that your body cannot product on its own. Aside from that, egg whites also increases the biological value of food sources that come with incomplete proteins by providing the necessary amino acids types that are missing in them.

Increases immunity

Among its various benefits, proteins also keep the body’s immune system functioning in a proper way. This means that by getting sufficient amount of protein, you can not only fight off, but recover much faster from various illnesses. With a strong immune system, you are less prone to various diseases as well.

Recovery from Injuries

Getting bedridden due to injuries is bad. Fortunately, protein helps the body in recovering fast from various types of injuries. They do this by providing necessary nutrition to the body and by increasing its immunity.

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With zero cholesterol and fat, egg whites allow you to avoid various medical conditions such as stroke or hypertension. The absence of avidin and salmonella is also a big plus. Salmonella infection causes about 78 deaths annually in the United States. Avidin prevents body from absorbing biotin, a important vitamin that is helpful in cell growth and in various metabolic processes.

So, the bottom line is that egg whites can provide you with high quality protein without any risks or hassles associated with cooked or raw counterparts. Now, that’s definitely a great deal to pass up! Whether you love eggs or not, these facts about nutrition in egg whites will surely motivate you to try egg whites. The best way to get maximum benefits from eggs is to consume them in moderation, preferably without the egg yolk.

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